Protein is a staple of any healthy diet. Known as the “building blocks” of your muscles, you will want to have a diet high in protein, especially when exercising. Protein provides your body energy and carries oxygen throughout your blood. There are more than 10,000 kinds of protein found without your body. It can be found in your organs, bones, muscles, skin, and hair. To keep your body working the way it should, we have provided a list of 5 foods high in protein great for any active lifestyle. 


Salmon, like most fish, is abundantly high in protein. Some of the best salmon in the world can be found in the United Kingdom, more specifically in Scotland and Wales. A single serving of salmon is rich in essential nutrients. It is also heart healthy, containing omega 3 fatty acids. These acids work to lower inflammation in your body. Per 166 calories found in a single serving of salmon, 62% of which is protein. Try out this fish if you are looking to gain muscle mass!

Whole Eggs

Whole eggs (not just the egg white) are packed with protein. Although egg whites contain more protein than the yolk itself, eating the entire egg is how you will benefit the most. These eggs are high in healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Additionally, whole eggs are great for your brain health. 33% of the calories in a whole egg is protein. Now that’s eggcelent.

Green Peas

Green Peas are heralded for being the vegetable with the highest amount of protein per cup. 20-30% of their calories comes in the form of protein. As the age old saying goes, eat your vegetables. Especially, if you are looking to gain muscle mass. Unlike other foods high in protein, green peas are low in fat and contain no cholesterol. They are also high in fiber and contain large amounts of vitamins. Add peas into your pasta, soup or side dish as soon as possible. 


Almonds are one of the healthiest snacks you can have. This protein rich food is actually a tree seed, not a nut, contrary to popular belief. Just a single serving of almonds will pack your diet with a healthy blend of essential nutrients, fiber and vitamin E.  15% of the calories in almonds come in the form of protein.

Chicken Breast

Last but not least we have chicken breast. Specifically, we are talking about grilled chicken. Rotisserie or fried chicken is devoid of the high protein that you would otherwise get from grilling it. If you are really feeling health conscious, consider removing the skin for the leanest meal possible. This versatile dish’s calories is 75% protein without skin. 

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